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Wealth Management Process

At Yutaka Financial, we recognize that sound financial decisions are not arrived at overnight. That is why we arrange a series of meetings with prospective clients to offer education and exploration of their needs, before we recommend any strategies for their situation.

This way, new clients have ample opportunity to explore their financial plan and learn about the investing process, before deciding whether to implement the recommendations contained in their wealth management plan.

Management Process

Step1 Informational Interview
Our first meeting is a two-way interview to discuss a prospective client's needs and expectations, and establish whether we are the right type of firm to assist them. We ask many questions to determine the level of need for planning, and to explain our capabilities and services. Once a prospect decides our firm is a possible match for them, we provide an information sheet, which we ask be completed in advance of our next meeting. From this information sheet we prepare a detailed quote for our services appropriate to their situation.
Step2 Quote Presentation
Our second meeting allows us to present a customized quote for our financial planning services. We also use this meeting to confirm and discuss our client's detailed planning goals, to ensure realistic objectives can be mutually agreed upon. When our quote offer is accepted, an agreement for our services is signed.
Step3 Client Education Program
After allowing approximately two weeks for the completion of our analysis, we can present our complete wealth management plan (financial plan and ongoing asset management). The presentation process often takes place over several meetings, and is designed to make sure that a client comfortably understands our analysis of their situation, as well as fundamentals of investing. In providing ample time for education well in advance of implementing their plan, we hope to avoid future surprises for the client.
Step4 Implementation
After a final fine tuning of our recommendations, we can implement the plan.
Step5 Review
We believe that regular reviews are the most important and most often over-looked step in wealth management. Therefore, we review our clients' situations as well as our analysis and results at least annually. For some clients, semi-annual reviews are appropriate and are recommended.

At Yutaka Financial, we want our clients to sleep better at night.



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